Our Place

Laguna Coffee friendly baristas

Anyone can run a coffeehouse. Some people run hundreds of them. And, while it certainly might be easier to pop into the coffee shop on every street corner, we happen to like the fact that people seek us out at Laguna Coffee.

We think this is because of two reasons.

First, our coffee is amazing.

Our Laguna Coffee coffee varietals are not pre-roasted, pre-ground, pre-packaged and sent out to us on a big truck. Quite the contrary. At Laguna Coffee, we choose which coffees WE want to introduce to our valued customers. Then, we order coffee – from all points of the world – as freshly picked, non-roasted beans. We have these fresh-off-the-vine beans couriered to us in a hurry so that WE can roast our beans in the roaster right here next to the sugars and cinnamon shakers.

Owner Paul Ackley roasting Laguna Coffee

Result? Beautifully tended roasted beans that are never more than a week or two past their roasting birthday. It provides the most sublime, wonderful options – literally, tastes of coffees from around the world – on a daily basis here at Laguna Coffee.

The second reason: Our people.

Whether you show up at 6:00 in the morning with Peggy or Rene manning the front (they may still have their bakers’ oven mitts on), or show up at 3:00 in the afternoon with Annie or Robbie, and you’re going to receive the same genuine friendliness. We hire people who are interested in people – it makes for such a better experience, don’t you think?

And it’s not just OUR people. It’s the community of people we see in our store every day, or the people we welcome back on their yearly sojourn to Laguna Beach. It’s the first-time tourists who wander into our place and immediately notice the difference. This is a cool place … and it’s cool because you choose to join us.