Brazil Salto Estate


Country: Brazil
Region: South of Minas
Varietal: Yellow Bourbon and Catuai
Process: Natural
Farmer: Fabio Araújo
Altitude: 1230 Meters
Grade: 17/18
Cupping: Berries, Bright Acidity, Milk Chocolate, Sweet

Description: Fabio Araújo’s passion for coffee comes from many years. From a very young age, Fabio had contact with the grains. He went to study medicine and even in the period of the university, Fabio was dedicated to the production of coffee. Today Fazenda do Salto is run by Fabio and his sons André and Juca. They are always looking to produce quality coffees and always aiming at a product of excellence. Fabio is always attentive to sustainability and quality while running his farm.

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