Monsooned Malabar


From the Malabar region of Southern India, this is a coffee that has been revered for centuries. These grade A beans are now artificially “monsooned” to replicate the wild days of the treacherous sea journeys. This coffee is deep and smooth in the cup, our Monsooned Malabar is a mellow coffee with just a dash of nuts and spices.



In the days when coffee was transported by sailing vessels, shipment of coffee from India to Great Britain and Europe took months. During these long voyages the coffee was subjected to all of the weather extremes of the tropics and temperte zones, and even near-arctic conditions around the Horn of Africa. The alternating extremes of dampness and dryness, heat and cold, caused the beans to swell and then dry out again, resulting in a large, whitish bean that was prematurely aged. Consumers developed a taste for this highest-bodied, lowest adidity coffee, with its characteristic earthiness and musty overtones. When faster means of shipment came into being and the Suez Canal was opened, these consumers began to get coffee that they did not recognize. For this reason, growers begand to “monsoon” their coffee prior to shiment by spreading the beans on the floors of shacks and huts through the monsson season, recreating the effects formerly caused by the long ocean voyage.

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