Saturday Morning’s Laguna Coffee Jazz Jam

26 Sep

Laguna Coffee jazz jam

While Laguna Coffee is always hopping with great music and chatter, it hops at a whole new level on Saturdays during the Laguna Coffee  Jazz Jam on Saturday morning.

At about 9:00 a.m, you will see local professional musicians wheeling in BIG instruments for the Laguna Coffee Jazz Jam. We’re not talking clarinets here – we’re talking pianos, cellos and entire drum kits. These guys squish and jam themselves into a few square feet of space and proceed to fill every corner of our shop with the finest jazz around.

People crowd in, shoulder to shoulder, and overflow to the tables and street beyond for a solid two hours as the musicians play. Resident and guest singers (sometimes very celebrity guest singers) take to the stage (that’s the floor space next to the table with the coffee creamers and sugar packets), and it’s off and running.

Come on down to the Laguna Coffee Jazz Jam and bring a friend!

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