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by Diane on Blank Product Name
Drive Past 3 Coffee Shops to Get to Laguna Coffee!

Since I discovered Laguna Coffee the year I moved here (2000), I've been a faithful regular. Now that I live in South Laguna, I actually drive past 3 ...

Yes! It's All About the Coffee!

… The roasting of the fresh beans entices your pallet from blocks away. This upbeat coffee house has an atmosphere where everyone not only indulges...

by David Kelly on Blank Product Name
Best Coffee in Town

What can I say? Laguna Coffee is the best coffee in town, "beast from Seattle," notwithstanding.

by Devin Asaro on Blank Product Name
Best Espresso in Orange County

Until recently I thought it was impossible to find a decent cup of well roasted coffee in Orange County. That all changed for me when I tasted the in-...

by Lisa Kelly on Blank Product Name
Best Espresso? Laguna Coffee!

I have been going to The Laguna Coffee Company for six years. Having traveled for a living, I have had coffee all over the world, on six continents, and...

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